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Causes and How to Overcome Acne on the Backs Most Powerful

The cause and how to treat acne on the back is one article that you should consider because it certainly would be useful. Acne problems can indeed be experienced by everyone ranging from men to women. Besides the problem of acne can also be in all parts of the human body is still producing oil glands or hair filokel and one of them is acne on his back. Just like back face also has sebaceous glands ie oil. If the gland produces too much oil and mixes with dead skin cells or dirt will cause the appearance of acne. Acne that appears on the back is not visible, but do you know this of course is very disturbing. Itching and heat will often be felt, especially when sweating. Wherever the location of acne remains disturbing, it therefore reasonable that if they do a variety of ways to help eliminate acne. But before we discuss about how to eliminate acne backs, we should first know the cause of acne on the back, are as follows:

This is the Causes and Overcome Acne on the Backs Most Powerful
The cause of acne  the first is due caused by perspiration. Excessive activity makes the body sweat. So that would make the body into a sweat. From the sweat that makes the back become moist so that trigger the appearance of acne, especially if you're not maintaining cleanliness will further worsen the condition of acne on his back.

Using the Clean Clothes Less
Acne on his back not only be affected by sweat, but also can be caused by conditions that are not clean clothes. It can also be caused by the use of clothing that were not appropriate. Such as is the use of tight clothing, do not absorb sweat and overheat.

Well that can trigger the appearance of acne on the back that you can know. Further below we will present a review of how to deal with acne on his back quickly, including the following!

Maintain Hygiene Body
The first thing that can prevent the appearance of acne on your back is to maintain the cleanliness of the body.  are like that described above that causes acne one of them is a lack of hygiene. So that's why as much as possible to maintain the cleanliness of the body, clothing and so forth. By way of always timely shower routine 2 at least 2 times a day and try to use antibacterial soap.

Using White Eggs
If you already maintain the cleanliness of your body, then the next step is to use egg whites to accelerate the healing of acne on the back. The way is very easy that is by separating the egg whites with the yolks and then the egg white on the acne on your back and let stand about 30 minutes rinse with clean water.

Using Tomato Fruit
In addition to using egg whites, tomatoes  also have to deal with acne on his back. How to prepare fruit ripe tomato and puree in a blender, then rub on the back skin with acne and leave to dry after the rinse with clean water.

That's the explanation about the cause and how to cope with eyelets that you can know. So hopefully this explanation can be useful and can add information for all of us.
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