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Tips to Make Body Keep Fit During Fasting

When it has entered the fasting month all the Muslims in all over the world are fasting for Ramadan. In this month the Muslims have a duty to suppress hunger and thirst or fasting for 30 days straight. In the fast course changes we face, this is because all sorts of food that enters the body (intake) differ with energy expenditure (outtake) during the move. So that's why if during the month of fasting is synonymous with the sights of those who limp and lackluster. Actually, fasting is not a reason for someone sebuh lazing or not eager to run their daily activities. Because of the many ways you can do to make your body stay fit during fasting. So what can you do? Neh following we will explain in detail the tips to make your body in shape during fasting. If you can do tips which we'll describe below, not only make your fasting be excited but also can make you awake overall health. Already curious to know the tips? Immediately, note the following review!
Here Tips to Make Body Keep Fit During Fasting

Sahur On Time
The first tip that you can do is to do with the dawn of time. Suhoor is the meal most important during fasting. So that's why you did not get the meal. At the time of dawn there are things you need to consider that when the meal do not consume a lot of sugary foods too much. Try as dawn to drink milk, because milk but can withstand more hunger may also prevent anemia that causes the body becomes weak during fasting.

Setting Time with Good
Especially for those who daily work, try not to ever accumulate a job that can create stress. If you are already experiencing stress may affect the performance of the brain that eventually get tired easily stomach will feel hungry and dispirited. Try as well take advantage of the recess to rest like sleeping for 15 minutes after the midday prayers already can help raise your spirits when fasting. If you have more time may be interspersed with some light exercise such as walking or other light exercise. Exercise is highly recommended to do as fast as beneficial for blood circulation and maintain body weight.

Segerakan Time Iftar
Once it was time to break the fast should segerakan but no need to rush because it is not good for digestive health. Try the time of breaking the fast start by eating sweet things like eat the palm fruit seed 2-3, after it had eaten in accordance with the capacity of your stomach. Also do not ever apply mind for revenge which means avoid eating all that exceeds the capacity of the stomach. If it still do so will affect digestive health and your weight will increase during fasting.

Now that's an explanation of tips to make your body in shape during the fasting that you can know. If you want your body fit and healthy conditions for running fast so it would be nice if it performs like tips that have been described above.
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